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Bean and Rice Soup Mix | 16 oz.

Soup made easy! Simply add your favorite fresh vegetables and water to a pot, cook and enjoy! ✓Herbal Blend ✓Sustaining ✓Salt Free ✓Great For Meal Prepping Weight: 16 oz.

Birria Taco Seasoning

Ingredients:Ancho, Bell Pepper, Cayenne, Oregano, Onion, Coconut Sugar, Sea Salt, Tomato, Allspice, Reishi Mushroom, Key Lime, Cilantro, Porcini Mushroom

Black Quinoa | 1 lb


✓Rich in Iron, Fiber & Nutrients


✓Low Fat

✓Low Calorie

Estimated Weight: 1 lb.

Brazil Nuts | 1 lb

✓Can be used to create a plant based milk ✓Rich in selenium, calcium and magnesium ✓Salt Free

Cacao Chocolate Nuts | 8 oz.


Ingredients: Cacao Dark Chocolate, Almonds

Size: 8 oz.

Cajun Style

Use this blend to bring character to all your favorite foods from soups, pasta, roasted vegetables, fresh salads, bread and much more! ✓Herbal Blend ✓Salt Free  

Chili Lime

Our Chili Lime Seasoning Blend can be added directly onto fruit and vegetables for a kick of flavor ! ✓Add directly to fruits, vegetables and enjoy !  Glass Bottle

Chili Lime Mango Strips | 6 oz.

Soft & Chewy Ingredients: Mango, Lime, Chili Powder  

Chimichurri Seasoning

Use our salt-free Chimichurri Seasoning whenever you want an enhancing, burst of fresh flavor. ✓Fresh, Flavor Enhancer ✓Food Topper Glass Bottle

Coconut Fig Energy Bites | 12 oz.

Energy Bites on the go! Ideal for athletes, busy moms or anyone craving a healthy, naturally sweet, energizing superfood snack! Great for athletes Energy Boosting Snacks Made with pieces of fresh coconut, figs and packed with superfoods! Weight: 12 oz.

Coconut Flour | 1 lb.


Coconut flour is a delicious gluten-free flour substitute that can be used in smoothies and desserts.

To make coconut milk simply add water to the coconut flour (Great dairy free alternative for young children)

Size: 1 lb.


Date Sugar | 1 lb


Date sugar can be used in many baking recipes as a replacement for white or brown sugar.

✓Great Sweetener


✓Rich In Antioxidants

Our Date Sugar is made from ground, dried dates.

Please note our date sugar will not dissolve when added to drinks such as tea. (It does not melt like granulated sugar)

We recommend blending our Date Sugar in fruit smoothies.

Estimated Weight: 1 lb

Date Walnut Rolls | 10 Pieces


Our Date Walnut Rolls are a combination of dates rolled in chopped walnuts. Satisfying, naturally sweet snack.

Quantity: 10

Dates | 1 lb.

Natural Sweetener Promotes Healthy Digestion & Relieves Constipation Great During & After Pregnancy  

Detox Tea | 30 Tea Bags

  • Helps to cleanse and detoxify the digestive system creating healthy bowel movements
  • Helps to reduce bloating
  • Supports a healthy metabolism
  • Helps to maintain a healthy and strong immune system
Ingredients: Burdock Root, Red Clover, Ginger Root, Dandelion Root, Peppermint leaf, Licorice Root, Yellowdock root ~Our tea bags are made from hemp. Directions: Add 1 Tea Bag to hot water and sweeten with Agave or Date Syrup.

Dried Apples | 6 oz.


Our dried apples are a healthy and delicious snack. Naturally sweet and flavorful

✓Soft & Chewy

✓Naturally Sweet

✓Great Source of Fiber

✓Perfect Snack for children

Weight: 6 0z.


Dried Blueberries | 8 oz.

✓Antioxidants ✓Add to pies, cereal and more ✓Great for your Joints and Inflammation Perfect sweet snack for children and adults. Weight: 8 oz.

Dried Butterfly Pea Flowers | 4 oz.

  • Rich in antioxidants and have anti inflammatory properties
  • Helps to enhance memory, improve anxiety, depression, ADHD, stress, and Alzheimer’s
  • Helps with menstruation and vaginal discharge
  • Natural and potent aphrodisiac
  • Helps to increase blood flow to the scalp.
  • Helps to strengthen the hair follicles and boost hair growth


Add the dried Butterfly Pea Flowers to our Glass Tea Pot Infuser with spring water.

Add Key Lime juice and watch the magic happen! Your tea turns from vibrant blue to pink!

Drink and enjoy!

Dried Chanterelle Mushrooms | 4 oz.

The mushrooms have a rich buttery flavor with a meat like texture. Great in gravy, sauces, salads or pizza toppings.

To Rehydrate: Add hot water over the mushrooms in a bowl and let soak for 10-15 minutes until soft or soak in room temperature water overnight.

Rinse well to remove any debris, pat dry and use.

These are best in dishes that cook for long periods in liquid, such as stews, soups and sauces due to their slightly chewy texture.

Dried Chicken of the Woods Mushrooms | 4 oz.

Very firm meaty texture. Add to stir fry, soups, salad, pasta etc. To Rehydrate: Boil in hot water for 20-25 minutes or soak in room temperature water overnight. Rinse well to remove any debris and pat dry and use.

Dried Lobster Mushrooms | 4 oz.


Mild tasting mushroom, with a firm meaty texture.

Add to stir fry, soups, sandwiches, pasta etc.

To Rehydrate: Add hot water over the mushrooms in a bowl and let soak for 10-15 minutes until soft or soak in room temperature water overnight.

Rinse well to remove any debris, pat dry and use.