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Bean and Rice Soup Mix | 16 oz.

Soup made easy! Simply add your favorite fresh vegetables and water to a pot, cook and enjoy! ✓Herbal Blend ✓Sustaining ✓Salt Free ✓Great For Meal Prepping Weight: 16 oz.

Black Quinoa | 1 lb


✓Rich in Iron, Fiber & Nutrients


✓Low Fat

✓Low Calorie

Estimated Weight: 1 lb.

Egg Replacer | 1 lb.

Veggie Omelette made easy! Add your favorite fresh vegetables, stir, cook and enjoy! ✓ Great Breakfast Omelettes / Veggie Muffins ✓Sustaining ✓Salt Free ✓Great For Meal Prepping Weight: 16 oz.

Farro | 16 oz.

Cook farro as you would any other grain, use a slow cooker or a regular pot. Pre-soaking farro for 30-90 minutes will reduce the cook time drastically. Cooking farro dry, shouldn't take more than 30 minutes. Farro also soaks up the flavors of seasonings very well. You can replace rice with farro in the majority of recipes.

Garbanzo Bean Flour | 1 lb

Garbanzo Beans are one of the creamiest beans there are making it an incredible substitute to dairy milk, dairy cheese, eggs that are used in cakes, batters, dips and more!  It is low in fats, but high in Protein. ✓Gluten Free ✓Egg Substitute Estimated Weight: 1 lb  ~ Garbanzo Beans are also known as Chickpeas ~    

Garbanzo Beans

Our Garbanzo Beans are low in fats but incredibly rich in plant based Iron, Fiber, Potassium, Copper , Magnesium and nutrients. ✓Rich in Iron, Fiber and  Nutrients ✓Sproutable ✓Gluten-Free ~ Garbanzo Beans are also known as Chickpeas ~ Estimated Weight: 1 lb  

Gold Quinoa | 1 lb

✓Gluten Free ✓Rice Substitute ✓Prepare Savory or Sweet Estimated Weight: 1 lb.

Kamut Elbows


Ingredients: Kamut Flour

Size: 13 oz.

Kamut Puffs Cereal | 7 oz.

✓No Added Sugar Estimated Weight: 7 oz.  

Kamut Spaghetti


✓Low Fat


✓Good Source of Fiber

Estimated Weight: 10 oz.

Note: This product contains low levels of naturally occurring gluten.